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Product Report: VMP0261
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Jug Band
New Orleans
Rhythm & Blues

(condition: NEW)
Vintage Music #VMP0261 (2008)
at $14.25 each
($12.83 with *discount)

BIG BAND, SWING, TRAD JAZZ : [1929-1947] Although it is necessary in any collection of theme songs to include those tunes that immediately come to mind such as Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, etc. we have attempted to include many bands that the casual listener may not recall. Of course the serious collectors of this type of music will know most of these bands. Although, even the serious collector might find the Johnny McGee theme with his excellent trumpet work new to them. Regarding Johnny McGee & His Orchestra, he made thirty two recordings for the Varsity label between February and June of 1940 yet, the Rust discography of American Dance Bands does not mention the band. Lords Discography does show two tune which are probably considered the bands' jazz sides. There is no question this was a quality band. While the Larry Clinton theme Dipsy Doodle, is well known, it is interesting to know that he never recorded the tune, and the broadcast version included here with vocal by Bea Wain, is the only time she ever sang this tune. Ben Pollack's theme, Song of the Islands, heard here, with the superb clarinet solo by Irving Fazola, is actually the recording that first brought the name of Fazola to prominence. Prior to that he was known almost exclusively in the New Orleans area. If you give a close listen the superb style of Fazola, it is easy to hear why he was the major influence on the musician Pete Fountain. One can almost hear Fazola on some of Fountain's popular recordings. Much has been said and written about how Benny Goodman as a leader in breaking down racial barriers in the music business and all of these are legitimate, but we should not forget other white band leaders who even before Goodman were also making giant strides to break the racial barriers. For example, give a listen to the Leo Reichman band theme. This white band chose a superb black trumpet player by the name of Bubber Miley who was feature soloist on many of the bands best recordings. Willie Bryant was not a musician although as a boy attempted to learn the trumpet. He was however, an accomplished dancer and vocalist in addition to being intelligent, witty and debonair. Although not a musician, he formed a band in 1934 for an engagement at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. On his theme heard here, listen for the Teddy Wilson piano and Cozy Cole choke that cymbal.(Artists: a- Van Alexander; b- Don Bestor; c- Will Bradley; d- Willie Bryant' e- Billy Butterfield; f- Bob Chester; g- Larry Clinton; h- Jack Denny; i- Benny Goodman; j- Jerry Gray; k- Mal Hallett; l- Woody Herman; m- Ina Ray Hutton Melodears; n- Isham Jonesl o- Dick Jurgens; p- Hal Kemp; q- Andy Kirk; r- Bert Lown; s- Johnny McGee; t- Glenn Miller; u- Russ Morgan; v- Ben Pollack; w- Joe Reichman; x- Leo Reichman; y- Artie Shaw; z- Chick Webb)

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"Alexander's Swinging (a))"
mp3 "Contented (b)" (excerpt)
"Fatal Fascination (c)"
"It's Over Because We're Through (d)"
"What's New (e)"
"Starburst (f)"
"Dipsy Doodle (g)
"Under The Stars (h)"
"Let's Dance (i)"
"Desert Serenade (j)"
"The Boston Tea Party (k)"
"Blue Flame (l)"
"Melodear Swing (m)"
"You're Just A Dream Come True (n)"
"Day Dreams Come True At Night (o)"
"How I'll Miss You, When the Summer Is Gone (p)"
"Until The Real Thing Comes Along (q)"
"Bye Bye Blues (r)"
"Just For Awhile (s)"
"Moonlight Serendade (t)"
"Does You're Heart Beat For Me (u)"
"Song Of The Islands (v)"
"Pagliacci (w)"
"What Is This Thing Called Love (x)"
"Nightmare (y)"
"Let's Get Together (z)"

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