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Jug Band
New Orleans
Rhythm & Blues

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rock, pop, rockabilly, Americana: 2-CD set ($17.98 list). All previously unreleased tracks from the band that was led by Bill Kirchen and "moonlighted" from Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen... later to become his backing group. This release presents for the first time many popular mainstays of the live shows as well as some seldom heard, experimental studio recordings. These songs represent the early "Rhythm & Western" sound of the group as well as the later four-man, skinny-tie, rock/pop outfit. These recordings have a live-ness and songwriting that's missing from the two previous releases. Featuring Bill Kirchen, Tony Johnson, Richard Casanova (George Strait), Steve Mackay (Iggy Pop), Steve Fishell (Emmy Lou Harris), Don Kennedy, Rick Higginbotham, Tim Eschliman (Rhythmtown-Jive), Austin de Lone (Eggs Over Easy) with special guests Mark Karan (Ratdog) and James Henry. The live CD includes essential tunes that were staples of the band's live shows but didn't appear on the 2 previously existing releases, like Carl Perkins' "Boppin' the Blues," a few Rockpile numbers and the bands traditional rave-up set-closer, Warren Smith's "Ubangi Stomp." 3 songs from the early "Rhythm & Western" days of the band are included: the Cajun fiddling of "Mississippi Sawyer," "Big Mamou" which featured the 3-man section of fiddle, tenor sax & pedal steel and the sassy "Sittin' On Top Of The World," which adds to that section Bill Kirchen's wild trombone. Live recordings are also from Keystone Palo Alto, The Saddlerack (KFAT Fat-Fry), Keystone Berkeley, and Rohan's Rockpile. The studio CD, on the other hand, brings to light a more experimental side of the band. Three of the tracks were recorded live to 4-track in an afternoon as a pre-production session at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco and when heard by Austin's friend Nick Lowe, led to the arrangements for the recording of the Moonlighter's "Rush Hour" album, which Nick produced in London. Many of the other tracks are song demos of originals by drummer Tony Johnson or bassist Tim Eschliman, and several of those were recorded at Tim and Austin de Lone's at-the-time home studio, the earliest iteration of Globe Studios. Although not all of these recordings were Moonlighter projects per se, they happened to have been recorded by the band members and in some cases led to additions to the band's set lists. Studio recordings are also from Sonoma Recorders and Prairie Sun. Mastered by Fred Catero, Tim Eschliman and Tony Johnson. Packaged in all-recyclable mini-double jacket format.
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More Artist Info

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"Mississippi Sawyer"
"Boppin' The Blues"
"Hamburger Man"
"Big Mamou"
"Flat Tiyo"
"Let It Rock"
"When I Write The Book"
"High Blood Pressure"
mp3 "They Called It Rock" (excerpt)
mp3 "Sittin' On Top Of The World" (excerpt)
"Oh,What A Thrill"
"Ubangi Stomp"
"Have You Heard About The Man"
mp3 "Dream Lover" (excerpt)
"Seven Nights To Rock"
"I Can't Stop Eating"
mp3 "Midnight In Memphis" (excerpt)
"All Tore Up"
"Worthy Of The Second Step"
"Outer Limits"
"Lunch Time"
"The Day I Throw My Phone Away"
"True Love"
"Big Noise In The Neighborhood"
"The Angels Listened In"

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