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Jug Band
New Orleans
Rhythm & Blues

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blues, rhythm & blues, New Orleans, rhythm & blues swing, rock: With special guest Ziggy Modeliste of The Meters (drums on 3 cuts and co-writer). Anticipated 2nd release of livewire dance music from this powerhouse quintet of veteran sidemen for Etta James, Big Joe Turner, Dr. John, La Vern Baker, Bo Diddley, Huey Lewis, etc. Take a cruise through American roots music: New Orleans-flavored R & B, jump-blues, essential rock & roll, rockabilly, and funk. Tim Eschliman, Rob Sudduth (Huey Lewis), Jimmy Sanchez (Roy Rogers), Steve Lucky, Caroline Dahl & Stevie Gurr. Other special guests include Ed Early (Albert King), Kevin Zuffi, Caroline Dahl, Michael Peloquin, Anthony Paule, Austin de Lone, Billie Lee Lewis, and Ziggy Eschliman. Produced by Tim Eschliman. 'This American roots combo is comprised of talented San Francisco Bay Area musicians who know how to raise the energy level on the dance floor. They perform forties and fifties-inspired rhythm and blues, some jump blues, a boogie woogie, and a hefty dose of New Orleans style music, with refreshing, not rehashed, arrangements. The album has several instrumentals as well as vocal numbers, which is a nice contrast. The group plays many exciting, high-energy tunes with their own flair. This album presents the energizing essence of the R&B era of the forties and fifties and the New Orleans sound in an exciting new way. It would be hard to resist dancing on this one.' - Maria Bainer, January, 1995 '...'Analog Travelog' of the 22 hottest blues-based albums you'll find anywhere.'- Stan Lawson
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mp3 "State of Mind" (excerpt)
mp3 "Go West" (excerpt)
mp3 "Jump Start Funk" (excerpt)
"Rich Woman"
mp3 "Magnatone" (excerpt)
mp3 "Hurry Babe" (excerpt)
mp3 "You Better Believe It" (excerpt)
mp3 "Have You Heard" (excerpt)
mp3 "The Sweeper" (excerpt)
"If You Believe (In What You Do)"
"New Groove Unit"
"Let The Boogie Woogie Roll"

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