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More than a Cajun invasion - it's the Gator that ate the Gate! A Festive Parade of the Best of the West Coast US in New Orleans R&B, Zydeco, Cajun, Funk & Dixieland by Zydeco Flames, Gator Beat, Andre Thierry, Motordude Zydeco, California Cajun Orchestra (w/ Danny Poullard), Rhythmtown-Jive, Mumbo Gumbo, Tom Rigney, Tee Fee, Eddie Baytos & the Nervis Bros. (w/ Ziggy Modeliste), Frog Legs, Golden Gate Rhythm Machine, Brass Monkey, S. E. Willis, and The Pulsators (w/ Art Neville).

This high summit celebration shows off the cream of the burgeoning west coast music scene for New Orleans-based music. "The largest Cajun/Creole/Zydeco music scene outside of Louisiana" - Dale 'Le Blanc' Johnson. "In America, great migrations produce great music. Just as Delta musicians took Highway 61 to Chicago and electrified their blues, so did the Creoles and Cajuns migrate to California and establish vital dance communities. Now the California scenes rival anything back home in Louisiana..." - Michael Tisserand, author, The Kingdom of Zydeco. 15 tracks from 15 west coast artists (mostly from the greater San Francisco bay area, some including former Louisianas and some who just got swept away with the vital Crescent City fever. - Total running time 59+ minutes

Songs and artists on the album:
1) "You Can Dance (All Night Long)" - Zydeco Flames
From the album, Smokin' at the Plant (Bruce Gordon, Lloyd Meadows, Frank Bohan, Timm Walker, William Allums). Hot Zydeco in the tradition of such masters as Clifton Chenier, Buckwheat Zydeco, and Queen Ida from a group with a range of extraordinary talent and musical background. "Imaginatively mixes traditional zydeco numbers with kickin' Creole-spiced arrangements." - Lee Hildebrand, East Bay Express.

2) "Chicot Two-Step" - California Cajun Orchestra
From the album, Nanc Adam Two-Step, Arhoolie #436 (Danny Poullard, Suzy Thompson, Kevin Whimmer, Eric Thompson, Sam Siggins, Charlie St, Mary, Terry O'Dwyer ). The CCO, with Danny Poullard from Eunice, LA, delves back through dance hall classics, drawing out and preserving rare and popular gems from the dance hall tradition.Their award-winning albums (Not Lonesome Any More, Nonc Adam Two-step) are full of two-steps, waltzes, and zydeco numbers, continue to receive national airplay.

3) "Open Up the Barn Door, Baby" - Rhythmtown-Jive
Previously Unreleased track. (Tim Eschliman, Jimmy Sanchez, Michael Peloquin, Caroline Dahl, Ed Earley). This vintage R&B outfit of celebrated sidemen who've worked with the likes of Earl King, Lee Allen, Johnnie Johnson, Commander Cody, Etta James, Zigaboo Modeliste, and Leo Nocentelli, has been hosting the Bay Area's annual Mardi Gras Mambofest show since 1992.

4) "Quelle Etoile" - Frog Legs
From their self-titled album (Maureen Karpan, Marty Jara, Ed Luckenbach, Elaine Herrick, David "Killer" Hymowitz). Frog Legs, born from jam sessions at the house of CCO's Danny Poullard, brings the warmth and high spirits of the southwest Louisiana bayou into their unique sound. Traversing modern electric and traditional acoustic styles, their heartfelt music stays rooted respectfully in Cajun and Creole tradition.

5) "Swamp Feet" - Tom Rigney and Flambeau
From the album, Red Boots and Rice, Parhelion Records #50005 (Tom Rigney, Joe Paquin, Jimmy Sanchez, Steve Evans, Vassar Clements). A spicy batch of fiddle gumbo - from an album with an infec- tious blend of original and traditional Cajun dance music by the electrifying violinist from the Sundogs, Queen Ida's Bon Temps Zydeco Band and the legendary Bay Area band, Back in the Saddle.

6) "Mardi Gras Song" - Gator Beat
From the album, The River's Gonna Go, Globe Records #GLO-024 (Rich Domigue, Mark Metoyer, David Scott, Willard Blackwell, Harold Livingston, Terry Keady). Accordionist Rich Domingue, from South Louisiana, is affluent in Cajun and French and leads this group that delivers their own brand of South LA dance music, authentic and original zydeco and cajun music, with a touch of New Orleans funk. A band with a beat that bites!

7) "Boss Hog" - Andre Thierry
From the album, It's About Time (Andre Thierry, Erick Minix, Chuck Bush, Steve Nash, Sly Dorian). "The California scenes rival anything back home in Louisiana, and that's due to players like Andre Thierry, a standard bearer for the new generation. Thierry is among the best of both the West Coast and the Gulf Coast, and he combines youthful vigor with a mature appreciation for his inherited tradition." - Michael Tisseraud, author, The Kingdom of Zydeco

8) "Postman" - Eddie Baytos & the Nervis Brothers
From the album, Take Some Mambo Time, Tallhead Music (Eddie Baytos, Ziggy Modeliste, David Lee Watson, Nick Kane, Lee Thornburg, Jimmy Roberts). An impressively diverse entertainer, singer, writer, and instru mentalist who has recorded with the Blasters, Carlene Carter, Steve Riley and Percy Sledge; performed with Irma Thomas, Earl King, Ernie K-Doe, and Bob Dylan; and done choreography for The Eurythmics, Weird Al Yankovic, Huey Lewis & Z Z Top.

9) "Big Life" - Mumbo Gumbo
From the album, Big Smiley, RubyRecords #RR004 (Lynn Michael Palmer, Billy Fairfield Tracy Walton, Chris Webster, Brian Rivers, Rick Lotter, Reggy Marks). An extremely infectious, eclectic Gulf Coast influenced 7-piece California band that sports two incredible guitar-strumming, washboard-rubbing, saxophone-blowing singer babes, and a sure-footed and funky rhythm section.Tasty chunks of New Orleans R&B, Tex Mex and smokey VooDoo Mambo.

10) "High Octane Gas" - S. E. Willis
From the album, Airn Beats Nairn, Mr Suchensuch #9032 (S. E. Willis, Yoshinobu "Takezo" Takeda, Jerome Hammond, Vince Littleton) "From the Jerry Lee Lewis rockabilly of Ferriday to the Professor Longhair rhumba boogie of New Orleans and the Nathan Abshire Cajun bayou sounds, S. E. Willis takes a bon ton romp across the Louisiana musical map. Formerly with Ziggy Modeliste's band, the Oakland-based singer/keyboardist delivers classics and originals with conviction and authenticity." -Lee Hildebrand, East Bay Express

11) "Mamacita" - Motordude Zydeco
Previously unreleased track (John Graham, Ed Michaels, R.C. Carrier, Dennis Calloway, Billy Wilson) Few zydeco bands west of the Louisiana Bayou rock hard- er than Motordude with their infectious rhythms of red-hot zydeco and melodic song selections, featuring the hard-pumping accordion (and occasional fiddle work) of the infamous Billy Wilson.

12) "Back to Louisiana" - The Pulsators
From the album, Here's To You, Venture Beyond #6000205 (Johnny Campbell, Douglas Iam McKenzie, Mooka Remick, Rick, Clifford, Steve Long, Bill Griffith, John Schuster, Mick Whittington, with Art Neville - courtesty of Columbia Records) Enduring rock-steady Northern California dance combo with a mix of blues, R&B, reggae, and good-time rock & roll gets a little assistance from Art Neville on their latest release. The band members' credits include The Impostors, The Tazmanian Devils, Tiggi Clay, Teresa and the Brewers, and Exxe.

13) "Original Dixieland One-Step" - Golden Gate Rhythm Machine
From the album, Standards, GGRM Prod. #GGRM003 (Scott Anthony, Jim Maihack, Jim Rothermel, John Moore, Bob Schulz, Bill Maginnis, Mike Starr) A small band with a big, swinging sound by some of the best traditional jazz musicians in the country, frequenting the major Dixieland festivals. They play the West Coast originals of Lou Watters and Turk Murphy, and more recent traditional standards and novelties.

14) "Zydeco Show" - Tee Fee Swamp Boogie
From the album, Don't Let It Get You, #HD2479 (Ann Marie Howard, Leonard W. Gill, Linda Schmidt, Maureen Coyle, Kelvin Dixon) Generous portions of sizzling vocals, five part harmonies, funky fiddle virtuosity, scorching guitar solos, lilting accordion fills, rock solid rubboard, and kicking bass and drums with a swamp boogie beat. It's a hot and spicy gumbo of original and traditional cajun, zydeco, blues, and New Orleans music.

15) "Limbo Jazz" - Brass Monkey
Previously unreleased, from the album, Live in Time and Space (Jon Birdsong, Shyam Bradman, Joe Cohen, Tom Griesser, Mike Rinta, Kevin Stevens, Adam Theis, Ralph Carney) A powerhouse of anytime, anywhere second-line brass energy with a traditional lineup of tuba, saxes, trumpets, trombones, bass drum, and snare that plays a high-octane combo of Dixieland favorites, camp covers and their own funky originals. Formed by ex-patriots of The New Morty Show and Beck
Total Running Time: 59:08

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Sequencing & final mastering by BCD Multimedia Emeryville, CA. 3D San Francisco Cartography by Fred M. Erickson.

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