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  Thanks for asking! We applaud your interest in all things green.

  Here's a list of recycle/reuse efforts that we conduct on a regular basis:
  • We always use recycled mailers when availble. All packaging that we receive is re-utilized if at all possible.
  • We have a small solar power and back-up storage system for the office, which suppiles most of the power needs of our internet sales and web development departments.
  • We refill our ink cartriges and recycle the hopelessly dead ones.
  • Our last 2 printer appropriations were from the Freecycle network
  • We are constantly converting more landscaping of our grounds to low-water use and we mow our very limited lawn area with a push mower (no gas, no electricity)
  • We promote digital downloads to reduce the number of CDs that need to be manufactured.
  • We use recycled paper & often print on the back sides of already-printed paper.
  • A majority of the time we walk or bicycle to get the mail out.
  • We use laptop computers for most computing needs... requiring considerably less power than desktop or tower models, with larger displays.
  Here's what we have plans for to reduce even further our carbon footprint:
  • We are looking into rain-catchment, and grey water systems, with the goal of having 100% re-used water for irrigation.
  • Our new facillity plans call for a rice-bale structure with solar water, solar power, passive solar and additional landscape-based climate control.

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