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Product Report: VMP0281
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Jug Band
New Orleans
Rhythm & Blues

(condition: NEW)
Vintage Music #VMP0281 (2009)
at $12.25 each
($11.03 with *discount)

BIG BAND, SWING, TRAD JAZZ : [1923-1929] Those of you familiar with the Vintage Music label know of their love for 'Hot Dance' music and this issue is one more of their numerous issues of the great 1920's dance music. The tune selections have been culled from a number of rare records, and the band names are probably not familiar to the occassional listener. However, if you enjoy Hot Dance music, you will certainly not be disappointed with this fine collection they have put together. Listen to the fine Tommy Dorsey solo on the tune 'I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate'. Also the wonderful cornet work by Muggsy Spanier on 'My Gal Sal', the superb arrangement and Ahola trumpet on 'I Ain't Got Nobody'. Another interesting bit of listening is Oliver Cobb on the tune 'Hot Stuff' and hearing this quality cornet player attempting to imitate the cornet style of Louis Armstrong. All in all, this is a truly enjoyable CD to listen to, with hot solos, excellent arrangements and interesting vocals. Just listen to the words sung by Irving Kaufman on the tune 'Oh How I Love My Darling'. The words and Kaufman's suberb delivery evoke the typical image of music from the Roaring '20s. (Artists: a- The Marigold Entertainers; b- Paul Specht & His Orch; c- David Silverman & His Orchestra; d- The Ambassadors; e- Jasper Taylor & His State Street Boys; f- The Bluebirds; g- Oliver Cobb & His Rhythm Kings; h- Bernie Schultz & His Crescent Orch; i- University Six; j- Walter Barnes & His Royal Creolians; k- Thomas Morris & His Seven Hot Babies; l- The Moonlight Revelers; m- Reb Spikes Majors & Minors; n- Arcadia Peacock Orch.; o- Blue Rhythm Syncopators; p- Danny Altier & His Orchestra; q- Fred "Sugar" Hall & His Sugar Babies; r- Tom Gott & His Rose Room Orch.; s- Bert Firman's Dance Orchestra; t- Midnight Serenaders; u- Johnny Hamp's Kenutcky Serenaders; v- Mal Hallett & His Orch.; w- Manhattan Dance Makers)

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mp3 "Mine- All Mine (f)" (excerpt)
"When My Sugar Walks Down the Street (a)"
"That's What I Call Sweet Music (b)"
"Mean Blues (c)"
"Old Fashioned Love (d)"
"Stomp Time Blues (e)"
"Hot Stuff (g)"
"Oh! How I Love My Darling (d)"
"Sweetheart of Sigma Chi (h)"
"I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate (i)"
"If You're Thinking of Me (j)"
"Georgia Grind (k)"
"Baby Knows How (l)"
"Glad Rag Doll (r)"
"My Mammy's Blues (m)"
"(If It Wasn't For You) I Wouldn't Be Crying Now (n)"
"Memphis Sprawler (o)"
"My Gal Sal (p)"
"Missouri Squabble (q)"
"My New York (v)"
"I Ain't Got Nobody (s)"
"Tin Roof Blues (t)
"Halfway to Heaven (u)"
"Steppin' In Society (w)"

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