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ROCK: Imagine if The Ramones had grown up in Honolulu, the Sex Pistols had been a Beach Boys cover band, and Brian Wilson had written songs with Joe Strummer and you have The 99ers, a positive punk surf band from the landlocked Midwest. With a roar of guitars generating a tsunami of energy with Molly Holley's vocals soaring atop the wave of sound, Steve Shannon on guitars and vocals and Colin Selhurst on drums, The 99ers will come thundering into your life. "Stand Up and Surf" contains 18 instant classics for you to blast out as you ride your woodie to the beach (or the office). If you like surf and hotrod vocal music performed with the power of punk then "Stand Up and Surf" is the wave you've been waiting to ride.

Search For 99ERS, THE
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ROCK: What does it sound like when the energy of punk builds into a wave of power and smashes on the shores of melody? The 99ers, that's what. One part Ramones, one part Jan and Dean, and a whole lot of midwestern attitude, The 99ers have long been wowing audiences with their catchy melodies and short, punchy songs. If you want to know what it would sound like if the Clash morphed with the Beach Boys, or if Blondie had gigged at Santa Monica pier instead of CBGB's, then take a listen to And Then There Was Surf! With Molly Holley's vocals riding the crest of the surf, you'll find yourself bopping and beach combing to 18 tracks of joyful pop punk and shouting "Go Surfers!"

Search For 99ERS, THE
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ROCK: Picture the scene - it's a crowded roadhouse bar in Abilene, Albuquerque or Albany. In the middle of the dance floor Wanda Jackson is jiving with Joe Strummer, on stage Brenda Lee is belting out a tune backed by Link Wray and Johnny Ramone, and in the audience cavemen, cowboys and punks are pegging to the beat. Bottle the vibrations flying around and you have "Everybody's Rocking", the 3rd energy packed CD from Minnesota's The 99ers. With 18 tunes capturing the drive of rockabilly and the roar of punk, and featuring the fabulous vocals of Molly Holly, you're guaranteed a rocking good time. The world's greatest rock and roll guitarist Eddie Angel guests on "Melanie and Eddie" and rumor has it that in rock and roll heaven another Eddie - Albert Lea's own Eddie Citron - is bopping along to "Minnesota Day".

Search For 99ERS, THE
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CD: $17.98 (US) - ($16.18 with *discount) SPINOUT
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ROCK: Is there anything better in this world than a kick-ass rock and roll band? Take a touch of punk, a taste of rockabilly, and a whole mess of melody - then fire this combination up with a jolt of high-octane energy - and you've got The 99ers, crashing stages across the Midwest with their own brand of tuneful pop-punk. If Eddie Cochran had joined the Clash, or the Collins Kids had fronted Green Day, then they might have recorded something like Move It!, the fourth CD from the band. With 20 tracks of punkish rockabilly, covers of Brenda Lee, Eddie Cochran and Chris Montez, and the stunning vocals of Erik John, the band roars like an 18-wheeler down a rock and roll highway. So set your phasers to stun, turn the volume knob up to 11, and feel the power of The 99ers rattling your windows, shaking your floors, and sending your pleasure centers into total, aural overdrive. When melody and power ignite in a roar of catchy, exhilarating rock and roll then there's nothing you can do except . Move It!

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CD: $17.98 (US) - ($16.18 with *discount) SPINOUT
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ROCK: What would it sound like if Godzilla decided to quit destroying Japan and form a band with the Ape Man and his Troglodyte girlfriend? 'Spark', the new album by The 99ers, that's what. A dynamic blend of high-octane energy and fun that rocks as hot as an acetylene torch, yet sounds as sweet as an apple pie baked by Joey Ramone, 'Spark' moves back and forth between power and melody. 16 tracks of nonstop pop, punk, and rock and roll, explore hipster girls, learning curves, surfing apemen, the rock star lifestyle of stay at home dads and the void you face after you've been thrown out of your favorite club. So if you're jonesing for excitement that never loses direction, just open up the windows, do the Skeeter hop, and let the The 99ers rock you into summer. You never know how it's gonna end.

Search For 99ERS, THE
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CD: $17.98 (US) - ($16.18 with *discount) SPINOUT
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ROCK: It's been 3 years since we had a shot of the 99ers Molotov cocktail of punk, pop, garage & good old rock & roll (not forgetting a touch of surf). Imagine if Joe Strummer, Johnny Ramone & Brian Wilson had formed a pop punk power trio and then drafted a French chanteuse to add some Gallic vocal flair. The result is the 99ers fab new album - 'Pop Punk Girl'. Ever heard the phrase 'all killer, no filler'? That's what we have here dudes & dudettes! We've got advice on what you need to get through marriage ('Donuts & Morphine'), odes to the beach and surfing ('Calhoun Beach', 'Born to Surf'), and songs about our favorite bands (Y-Ye Pow, 'Rude Girl T-Shirt', 'She Don't Like the Lillingtons'). Our new singer/guitarist, Emily, gets her own introduction ('Quebecoise Punk Rock Star') and we pay tribute to amped up skating at the roller derby ('Roller Grrls') and on the street ('Skating NYC'). And along with a study in self-obsession ('It's All About Me') we have covers of two classic artists; The Shangri-La's ('Heaven Only Knows') and Dallas Pop Punker Darlington ('Pajama Party'). So get ready for power, melody and fun as the band rips through 13 songs with raw pop punk drive. If this album could be channeled into the grid we'd be an energy independent nation.

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